James Moore
James Moore, MBA, is co-founder and managing director of KRUU-FM, the Midwest's first solar-powered radio station. Offering 80 shows a week and inspiring more than 20,000 volunteer hours a year, KRUU is 98% locally-produced. Very few radio stations in the country generate that much content. Moore is an accomplished musician, former editor of the Iowa Source, adjunct faculty member in the Media & Communications Dept at MUM, and serves on the boards of the Fairfield Cultural Alliance and the Fairfield Musicians Club.
Iowa is doing some amazing things. With early policy support from the state legislature, a national leadership role in wind generation, a well-grounded, common sense, hard work ethic, leading education institutions like ISU, UNI, UI and MUM, and strong public, nonprofit and private sectors working together, Iowa is in a unique position to take things to the next level, green-wise. What a privilege each week to highlight the state's innovators, educators, cutting edge projects, best practices, and communities that are leading the way in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.


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