DG7: Green Agriculture

The Dream Green team journeys to the Iowa State University campus in Ames to speak with one of the state's leading green advocates, former Leopold Center director and current Distinguished Fellow Fred Kirschenmann for a rich, extended and in depth discussion on sustainability in terms of Iowa's future. Kirschenmann's experienced, commonsense approaches and sweeping vision present a realistic picture that offers a challenge as much as an opportunity if people are willing to do the good work.

Also, enjoy a walking tour at ISU's Hort Farm where a class of students plan, plant, grow and sell a seasonal food crop in real time as part of their farm-to-food classwork.

Guest List:

Leopold Center's Distinguished Fellow Fred Kirschenmann.

Leopold Center staff member Malcolm Robertson.

ISU Hort Farm Superintendent Nick Howell

ISU student Joe Jacobs

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