DG6: The Latest Buzz on Biofuels



Dream Green co-hosts Stuart Tanner and James Moore take a walking tour of BioCentury Research Farm in Boone, Iowa and discuss the state's biorenewable energy industry with Director Larry Johnson.

“60% of Iowa’s corn crop goes to produce ethanol. This is quite a staggering statistic and helps explain why the price of corn has gone up so much,” says Tanner. “This is great for agriculture, but not everyone is convinced of the virtues of making ethanol from corn. In this week’s program, Larry Johnson offers clear insight into the different sides of the argument. BioCentury Farm is playing a leading role in creating a viable future for biorefineries through biofuels and other beneficial products in the same way that oil refineries make petroleum and associated products—but using source materials that offer a more sustainable and less polluting future.”

"Larry Johnson is an articulate and passionate advocate in the field of biorenewable energy,” adds Moore. “That’s what the ‘Dream Green’ series is about, after all—giving Iowans a who’s who of what’s what in terms of all the good green stuff.”

Guest List: Larry Johnson, Director of BioCentury Research Farm who holds 12 patents—alone and with other researchers—on food and industrial technologies.

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