Make Dream Green your own

Stuart and James have nearly completed their journey across Iowa, with only two programs left! Make sure to catch the final installments of Dream Green.

Dream Green will continue as an ongoing resource for schools, radio stations, businesses, and beyond here on our website,  

This educational tool provides a comprehensive database of new and old technologies Iowans are using to power their lives. 

From October 6, 2011


Ways to use Dream Green:

  • Rebroadcast Dream Green on your radio station or website;
  • Interview our hosts, Stuart Tanner and James Moore;
  • Link to our website,;
  • Use our programming as enrichment in the office or in the classroom;
    • Assign programs to generate discussion and ideas;
    • Create an energy efficiency challenge;
    • Take fieldtrips to key locations we've already scouted out for you!