DG3: Solar Splash

Dream Green takes you lakeside to the heats at George Wyth State Park during Solar Splash. This world championship of intercollegiate solar boating features designs from university teams around the United States, Turkey and Mexico. Join the competition as these eco-friendly boats compete, yet coexist peacefully with nearby wildlife. Noise levels are more of a hummmm than the usual roar that can scare local fowl and force fish to seek the murky bottom.

Stuart Tanner and James Moore, the hosts of the Dream Green series, spend a day at the event exploring the inner workings and innovations, which each team hopes will give them an edge in the competition.  "It’s great fun to watch the boats wiz around the lake on solar power," said Stuart Tanner. "You also have the feeling you are watching the beginnings of a new solar powered boat industry."

Guest list: Professor Reg Pecen at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), professor of electrical engineering technology at UNI. Reg shares his vision of a renewable energy future for Iowa and celebrates the new generation of students that are flocking to renewable energy research.

James with Reg Pecan and Kendra Wiley


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