Welcome to Dream Green

Welcome to Dream Green, an exciting new series of hour-long radio shows highlighting the best practices and success stories by Iowa innovators in the field of renewable energy. Dream Green is created and produced by solar-powered KRUU-FM’s popular hosts of Tanner & Moore, Stuart Tanner and James Moore, with the creative guidance of Maharishi University of Management faculty.

Dream Green is about Iowans who are making a difference and leading by example.

Our goal is to inspire you, your family, your friends, Iowa businesses and organizations to consider and to implement energy efficiency strategies in your home, school or business. Dream Green is a showcase of Iowa’s statewide sustainable efforts where you will find useful ideas, support and inspiration for your own efforts toward energy efficiency and sustainability.

The practical impact of energy savings is more vital than ever with the current economic landscape. Energy efficiency awareness is the first step in delivering energy savings to your home or business. Dream Green will help you find out what’s possible, why it matters and where to start. Together we can reshape our communities toward a more sustainable future from both an economic and environmental point of view.

Dream Green connects Iowans who are ahead of the curve with those of us who are just joining the curve.

The team of Tanner & Moore will be talking to Iowa’s key players in energy efficiency and sustainability experts discussing what’s new in our state’s development of green jobs, green building, green energy, green agriculture, and green garbage (recycling waste for commercial use). Dream Green will interview policy makers, corporations, small businesses, farmers, schools, students and a few surprises. Our amazing guest list features Iowa’s green leaders. These are individuals who have already put their passion to work and demonstrated the know-how to make a real difference in everyday Iowa community life.

Dream Green will serve up a huge portion of green inspiration for local outreach and education initiatives for our communities big and small.

Our project is funded by the Iowa Power Fund and nearly 70 individuals, companies and organizations from around the state who stepped up, committing time, money and expertise to the project.

You too can play a huge part in creating green community connectivity and interactivity by sharing information about this series. You can listen live or access our growing Dream Green program archives to download the series and share with others on Facebook or Twitter.

Tune in every Thursday at 7pm or catch the rebroadcast Mondays at 7am. [Archives and transcripts available as the series rolls out.] Learn how you can join your fellow Iowans in growing our state’s green economy.